Inclusion, Diversity & Equal Opportunities Policy

The Village Hall is committed to equal opportunities for all.  We are alert to ensuring that the Village Hall promotes equality, diversity and social inclusion in our policies, procedures and activities. 

We are totally opposed to harassment and bullying of any kind and we will meet our commitment under the Equality Act 2010 to publicly and proactively oppose all forms of discrimination, direct or indirect. 

Our equality policy has the widest possible scope to ensure the dignity and human rights of every individual, including staff and the general public.

Our aim is to ensure that people involved or associated with The Village Hall receive equal treatment whatever their nationality, religion or belief, racial or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, responsibility for dependants, age, sex, gender reassignment, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic. 

No action shall be taken against any person connected with The Village Hall which would devalue their contribution to society as a whole and to this organisation or lead to a loss of self-respect for them or respect for them from others.

We will respect requests for confidentiality within the limits of the law.  If the request for confidentiality is likely to limit our right to deal with criminal or health and safety matters, then the law will take precedence over an individual’s right to privacy. This will apply to all issues including those of disability.  We will abide by the Data Protection Act for all computer and documentary security including sensitive data.

Responsibility for compliance and the positive attitude for success falls upon all individuals within the Village Hall organisation.  All external persons connected with The Village Hall are encouraged to hold the same responsibility and commitment.

David Pepper

Chair East Meon Village Hall Committee